Topic of the Week 8/2/2109 - Introductory & Certified

I learned a couple new teinturiers last week from , , , and . Thanks all!

This week: Major geographical features of New Zealand

What are they and how do they affect the climate? Is there a difference between the North and South Islands?

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  • Yes, there is a difference between the North and South Islands. The North Island lies roughly on the same latitude as Tasmania--41--with the most northern region Auckland being closer to Jerez in Spain. The North Island is warmer, sees more rain than the South Island, and the climate is comparable to Bordeaux. Although the Southern Island is cooler, the central South Alps Mountain range that runs down the spine of the island creates a rain shadow effect from the moisture-filled air coming off the Atlantic ocean. This gives the grapes abundant sunlight hours as well as cool nights to help maintain bright acidity.

    Both of the islands winegrowing regions tend to fall on the eastern coast of the island and the Atlantic Ocean moderates the temperature.