MS Topic of the Week 10/23/2019 - Introductory & Certified

coming in strong on Margaret River last post. Well done!

This week: Savennières

Outline the pertinent info that defines this region. How does the wine express itself differently from other regions in the Loire that focus on the same grape?

  • Made from the Chenin Blanc grape From the Loire Valley, France. Specifically Anjou, in the village of Savennieres. there are 2 sub-regions, Coulee de Serrant’ and ‘La Roche aux Moines. This is the only dry white appellation in Anjou and is characterized by sharp acidity and aromas of white flowers, beeswax and lemons.

  • In addition to previous comments, I think the broad brush would say that Savennieres tends to be a but drier than its pal Vouvray as well as some some more oxidative notes e.g. fresh apple vs. bruised apple, probably due to time in more neutral oak. Also, some botrytis may be evident which is slightly uncommon for a dry white.