Service Portion of Certified Exam

Hey y'all

Im Going for my Certified in a week, and I was hoping someone could answer a question for me.

Is there a printed dinner menu for food options, Or will I have to make up a food menu as well as the wine list I've already developed?

Ill take any last minute advice as well if any one has anything they wanna add for does and dont's.

Thanks everyone. 


  • No printed menus. In my case I was given a couple of dishes and asked to pick a wine of a certain style to pair with them. Make sure you have a mental wine list about 20 bottles deep of varying styles and price points that you can call on without thinking twice.

    Brush up on the court's service standards for opening/pouring champagne. Pay attention to MS's instructions and follow them to a tee. In my first time taking the exam I didn't and had a 'false start' which completely rattled me for the rest of the service portion.

    Above all, relax. This isn't anything you haven't done before. When I passed the second time around I found things flowed more naturally when I just treated the MS like one of my guests.