Question Regarding the Certified Examination Tasting Grid Shet

When you take the certified exam and use the Tasting Grid Worksheet, what instruction is given on how to answer the "Explain Why" section of grape, origin and climate? There seems to be so little space to answer. Also, it looks like there is room to write six possible grape varieties. Do you then circle your final answer?

We're trying to use the sheet in our tasting group as practice for taking the exam and wanting to make this as useful of a tool as possible.

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  • Think of the "why" section as a very brief sales pitch (one line) you as a floor sommelier would give to a waiter to say to a table about the wine and try not to use terms referenced above in the description section.  Also, some good advice I received before taking the Certified exam in November was NOT to go straight to the six grapes and try to pick the one.  Instead, use your time to work through the description, let that lead you to the conclusion, then deductively decide which grape to pick.  Hope that makes sense.

  • To clarify - 

    There is a line for a sales pitch at the bottom, which is exactly what Charles is talking about. The "Why" boxes in the grape variety/climate/world sections should be answered as Jim describes.

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