Topic of the Week 1/29/18 - Masters

Thank you , , and for your thoughts last week on Irrigation!

This week: Historical Figures

Who is Lindsay Brown and what is his significance/impact? 

  • Lindsay Brown was the first recorded winemaker and champion of Rutherglen winemaking. While the gold rush in the mid-1800s drove most of the economic growth in the region, Brown always told new prospectors that if they wanted to find gold, they just had to dig a shaft about 18 inches down and plant a vine.

    Thanks to James Halliday for that (gold) nugget.

  • To add on to Peter, Lindsey Brown had a famous quote “Dig gentleman dig, but no deeper than six inches, for there is more gold to be won from the top six inches than from all of the depths below”

  • Thank you, gentlemen! Indeed James Halliday has some great information on Australia.

    For anyone that is looking to beef up their library, The Wine Atlas of Australia is a great read. Check it out!