Topic of the Week 2/12/18 - Masters

Thank you  and  for tackling last week's topic on Rain Timing! There certainly was not an easy answer so take a look at the discussion if you missed it!

This week: Barrel Toast Levels

How does the level of toast on a barrel influence wines aged in it from a flavor and tannin standpoint? How else may the wine be impacted by the level of toast?

  • From my understanding the levels of toast on the barrel go hand in hand with the style of wine desired by the winemaker.  The heavier the toast the more extensively the compounds found in the wood breakdown and have their greatest impact on the wine.  The heavier the toast also reduces the amount of wood tannin that is imparted into the wine.  This would mean that the lighter the toast on the barrel will impart less typical oak flavors to the wine but add a greater amount of wood tannins. 
    I'm curious if anyone else has perspective on wood tannins and typical oak flavors being imparted into the wine through different levels of toast? 

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