Topic of the Week 12/3/2018 - Master

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This week: Retsina!

What are the requirements and area(s) of production? If you hate it, try it with sheepsmilk feta, olives and great olive oil and it may change your tune.

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  • The wines are required to be flavored with the resin of the Aleppo pine tree. Greek regions for retsina are a little fluid, as it is classified as a traditional wine under the PGI umbrella, instead of PDO where the wines face more rules. Most often, it is seen coming from the PGI districts within Sterea Ellada, notably Attica. The island of Evia and district of Viotia (both also in Central Greece) round out the more traditional areas of production.  Some retsina can be found in Macedonia, Rhodes, and Peloponesse as well. Most of the wines are produced from Savvatiano, but assyrtyko and even xinomavro (for rosé) can be found in some retsinas. 

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