Topic of the Week 12/18/2018 - Master

Study forum VIPs and gave us a history lesson on South African wine law last week which also explores the challenges with cultural divides, global economics and evolution of the wine industry there. Complicated stuff!

This week: The benificio system of Port

What are the requirements and purpose of this system?

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  •  It is a methodology to classify all the parcels, based in 3 main criteria: soil, climate and cultural conditions.

    Each vineyard gets then a punctuation for each of the parameters and the sum of the total points achieved for all criteria determines the rating of the vineyard.  The total annual quantity of Port Wine produced is determined by the IVDP  and is highly related to sales of Port Wine and stocks changing. 

    The remaining grapes that are not used for Port Wine, after achieving the beneficio quota, are used for Douro wine. In the past, the best grapes of the vineyard were used for Port production. Nowadays, we find a balance using the best grapes for limited quantities of Port and Douro wines.


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