Looking for a few study colleagues preparing for the MS exam for 2021

Hi GuildSomm friends,

Another Michigan friend and I are looking to expand our MS study group in the next 30-60 days to about 3-5 people. This particularly small group that we want to achieve has one main goal: To get everyone ready for the MS exam in 2021. NOT sooner than that. 

We have passed the Advanced Exam, and are beginning the long journey toward the next step.

What we are finding is that many of our friends are on a path for:

a: still trying to pass the Advanced this year, with the plans to hopefully go after the MS around 2021 or later., or

b: seeking the MS in 2020.

We are on neither of those tracks. The "a" group needs more immediacy, circling the wagons, if you will...for the green pin. 

And due to our work responsibilities and family commitments, we just don't have the legs to get ready for 2020. So we are looking for people in the same boat for 2021 to study with online. 

We tend to study 1-2x a week for a collective of 3-4 hours total in those sessions per week. With with the addition of 2-3 other people in this small group, we feel like we could work together and help keep everyone accountable and stay on task in a methodical but not super-intense pace.

(We realize we'll probably pick up a friend or two in the group as they decide to go after it in 2021, but we'd love to keep the momentum going asap). 

Common Google Hangouts/Skype study nights usually include Sunday nights and another night here or there, but there is some flexibility.

Please reach out with any questions through here.

Thank you!