Topic of the Week 4/22/2019 - Master

Jasnières knowledge last week from , , , , and . I'm a big fan of Belliviere's Les Giroflées rosé made from Pineau d'Aunis that always has notes of mezcal/agave that is so unique to me.

This week: Lanzarote DO

Where is the DO? What are the soils like? What styles may be produced here? Name 2 producers.

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  • A DO in the Canary Islands off the West Coast of Morocco belonging to Spain. The DO is permitted to produce red, white, and rose still wines. Espinosa (sparkling) VDL, and UVA Sobremadurada (wine from overripe grapes). Mainly volcanic soils with volcanic ash. 

    Producers: Los Bermejos and Vega de Yuco Yaritza.

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