Topic of the Week 4/22/2019 - Master

Jasnières knowledge last week from , , , , and . I'm a big fan of Belliviere's Les Giroflées rosé made from Pineau d'Aunis that always has notes of mezcal/agave that is so unique to me.

This week: Lanzarote DO

Where is the DO? What are the soils like? What styles may be produced here? Name 2 producers.

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  • Volcanic ash (lapilli) is interesting. It holds water, so even in a desert environment, water is available. Having cut my foot on sharp volcanic shards while surfing in Puerto Rico, I would have zero desire to grow vines there. I guess you get used to it if that's your native land, though.

    Another easy to remember producer is Bodega Vulcano de Lanzarote. The wines are super cheap, crisp, and delicious. 

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