Topic of the Week 5/17/2019 - Master

Awesome breakdown of Lanzarote DO last post by , , , and a super cool photo from .

This week: Acacia barrels

How do these differ from oak? What styles will you typically see them used for? Name another alternative to oak that is used for wine barrels production.

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  • Kozlovic in Istria does a Malvazija in acacia barrels.  Tenuta Anfosso also produces a Rossesse Bianco in Liguria that's aged in acacia.  

    In terms of alternative barrel elevage--though not technically for wine production--Taruzake incorporates aging of sake in cedar barrels.  Also, in Brazil, they tend to use a variety of local species for aging cachaça, including Amendoim-bravo, Jequitiba-branco, and Araruva.

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