Topic of the Week 5/31/2019 - Master

German red alternatives last week from , and . Thanks gents.

This week: Reverse osmosis

What is this winemaking technique used for? How does it work?

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  • The primary use in winemaking is de-alcoholization. 

    A portion of the wine is passed through a reverse osmosis machine, in which the wine is passed over a semi-permeable membrane under increased pressure. Alcohol, having a larger molecular composition is thereby separated from the wine. The alcohol (permeate now) can be distilled and either used for other purposes, or recombined with the wine in a prescribed amount, controlling the alcohol. OR the separated wine (retentate now) can be added back to the rest of the wine, sans alcohol, lowering the overall alcohol content of the final wine. 

    The advantage of this process is achieving the flavor of ripe grapes, but being able to control and lower the final alcohol of the wine. 

    Obviously its controversial. 

    Dunn does it. 

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