MS Topic of the Week 9/19/19 - Master

White Claw dreams from , & last week on Makgeolli. I recently learned about this tasty beverage from and that you can make your own at home quite easily! I'm going to try it soon and will post some pics.

This week: Sotol

What is this made from and how does it taste compared to its relatives? Name 2 producers.

  • Sotol is made from the wild grassy Dasylirion plant (also called Desert Spoon) which is native to northern Mexico and the Southwestern United States. It was once thought to be a species of agave, but is now classified as a different plant. When they reach maturity, the plants are harvested and cooked (either steamed or roasted) in a process similar to agave, but sotol can taste more citrusy, herbal, and vegetal than mezcal and tequila. Producers include Sotol Hacienda (one of the largest in Chihuahua) and Desert Door (a craft distillery in Texas). 

  • The native people of Chihuahua, the Raramuri, used sotol juice for making a rudimentary beer . Europeans in the 16th century brought in distillation knowhow to produce the modern Sotol.