Philadelphia/New Jersey Study Groups


I live in southern part New Jersey close to Philadelphia. I am looking to either meet people and  talk to other people in this area to study, do group tastings, and be able to help each other out when it comes to taking the exams. I am about to take my level 1 exam this week. I think it would be great to create a little team to help each other when it comes to taking the exams and being able to do group tasting to really learn about everything together. Plus, it is always fun to get to know new people that all have the same interest and live in a close area. 

I know studying can be stressful but fun, so it can always be great to have a friend to help give moral support and help. 

If you like this idea and are interested please leave your e-mail. If it seems like a lot of people like this I can create a Slack or GroupMe so everyone can talk to each other.