Denver - Saturday Afternoons

Hello friends and fellow cork dorks!

I work at a wine bar in Englewood and the owner and I are looking to take the Cert later this year. Currently we have a good base of knowledge and plan on leveraging the buying power of the restaurant to be able to try some awesome wines from around the world. If anyone would be interested in joining us for blind (or not) tastings weekly where we will be focusing on specific areas of the world shoot me an email or a response and we can talk a bit further. Current plan is Saturday around 1pm.

  • Hi Dillon, 

    Saturdays are tough for me and I imagine possibly others as well however I'd love to know if you decide to move to Sunday afternoons or another day during the week. I've taken the Into through CMS and have my Level 3 through the WSET and will be starting the Diploma in the Fall. 

    As an aside, which wine bar do you work at? I'd love to check it out next time I'm in Englewood! 


  • I love the idea of this! I work in Cherry Creek and if I am working the closing shift I could possibly stop by Englewood for an hour to taste with you all. However, Saturdays are hard since its an all hands on deck kind of day at my restaurant. Sometimes ya open, sometimes you close, sometimes you open to close. Let me know if this is still going on.

  • Hey Dillon, my name is matt. Im using my buddies GS account but would love to talk more about tasting with you guys!! I work near downtown denver and I take my certified in june but haven't been able to blind much. Email me at so we can talk more. 

  • Hi Dillon, I would love to join.


    please contact me or 720 217 7383