Portland/Willamette Valley tasting and study group

Hello all!

I'm a transplant who moved to the valley recently.  I am absolutely in love with the area so far! I'm a certified sommelier looking to get a bit more serious about my Advanced certification.  I was wondering If anywhere in the area was looking to start a study group, or perhaps have room for an excited new person in an established one. Or if anyone was looking for someone eager to mentor.  I can travel all the way to north to Vancouver, and all the way south to Eugene. Hope to hear from you all soon!


Alexis Harrington

  • Hey Alexis I am in a similar position.

    I live down in Medford but will be commuting to Portland on Wednesdays to sit the WSET3 course. If we can work something that day I am all about it!

  • Hey Alexis & , I'd love to get some people together for a study group. Have you two been meeting up? :) 

  • No! But I just got back from France and things are slowing down here in the valley :) I would love an opportunity to meet up with you and start a tasting group. I'm sure I can get some people to join. 
    Feel free to text me. 
    Alexis Harrington 
  • Hi Alexis- I've been hijacking these Portland tasting group questions because our existing group is trying to source some more members for dedicated Advanced/Diploma tasting practice for 2020. Most of us are doing diploma (and will be jotting our notes down quietly), but I think at least 1-2 people present would prefer CMS style tasting.  Currently we meet Monday PM but we're looking for a location and building numbers for a Tu or Th late AM strictly 1 hour tasting session starting in January. Hit me up if you'd like more information!