Tasting Group Peninsula / Bay Area

Hi everyone! 

I am located in San Carlos, but I work in Mountain View. I am looking to start or join a tasting group that is somewhere in the mid-peninsula area. I'd be willing to make it up to SF if easier, but also happy to start a group mid-peninsula if that is best.

I passed my WSET 2 last fall and am going to work on 3 now, more levels eventually later. I'm really looking to hone my skills and push myself to do more blind tasting. I love a good challenge. Reply below, PM Me, or email me if you're interested! allison.badar@gmail.com

  • Hi Allison!

    Though a bit of a hike for you, we have a group that meets on Thursdays and Sundays at Flatiron Wines & Spirits in downtown SF.  While it might be a drive, if you ever care to make it up we'll be there fighting the good blind f(l)ight every Thursday and Sunday @ 11am.  Reach out to me at mguillaudeu@gmail.com if interested.


  • Hello, I am located in Daly City. Meet in Hillsdale, San Mateo?

  • Hi Jesse,

    I am coordinating with two others on where we should meet and some other details. We may be a little further south than Hillsdale, but we would love to discuss a place that works best. Can you send me an email to allison.badar@healthiq.com and I'll add you to the thread?  Thanks!