Seeking Advice on Selecting Appropriate Wines

I am part of a tasting group comprised of people preparing for the Certified Examination. Everyone has been through the Intro Course but I'm not sure we're always bringing wines that are true representations of the classic style and that we would see in an exam setting. How do you go about selecting wines for your tasting groups? How do you ensure a wine is appropriate?

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  • The best way to do this is find out what's classic to be in the region and just look up the producers on where your going to buy them either, k&l or etc and find their tech sheets and make a list. When you compiled a list find a MS or MS candidate or someone who's done a tasting group before and get their opinion. Now take it from me who's done the research asked MS's and Master candidates to look over the list, everyone will not agree on certain producers. From their it's going to be trial and error. When I started my tasting group 3 years ago I probably have looked over 500 producer websites to see what they do. It's going to take some time but you'll learn so much more doing it this way. It's my 3rd year running a group and now I just have a list of classic producers that are my go to's. If you can find a list from someone as base that will be helpful but I would still look up the producers on that list. Even if they say this producer is classic, look it up anyway's because that person may have made a mistake. Good luck, it's going to be hard work but so rewarding afterwards. 

  • The answer to a question like this is almost always "Put In The Time", isn't it?

    Thanks for your answer. I appreciate it.

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