Seeking WSET level 3 Wine tasting advice

So, just an hour ago i got the results of my WSET 3 exam, i which i passed the theoretical part, but failed the tasting part. I am a theoretical person, so this actually made me kinda happy, although i didnt pass.

Now i'm seeking advice on how to approach the tasting again, so that i can pass. I know that it is a more descriptive approach than what i'm used to. I really had to focus in order to put in descriptive sentences instead of a punctual format.

I try to drink a glass of wine everyday, and instead of just enjoying it, i try to analyze it the best i've learned. I don't focus as much on the grape, as to all the components as acid, body, flavour, smell, alcohol level, tannins etc.

What helped you pass this?

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  • Hey Michael - same thing happened to me. Passed theory on my first go with merit, but failed tasting. I did some 1:1 tutoring with one of the teachers at my wine school and nailed tasting the second time around, passing with distinction. A lot of the techniques for tasting were super useful and I'd be happy to share with you via email.