WSET Diploma/CMS Advanced - Houston, Texas

Completed my WSET 3 last year with Distinction. Took a 2 day deductive tasting course more recently and am aware of the screeds of work that i must do in order to get my tasting up to tackling the WSET 4 Diploma. Am about to register for said Diploma online and need a weekly tasting group in Houston or at an intermediate spot between Houston and Austin.

Would be great to carve through deductive tasting and theory prep with a small group. I do not work in the industry (yet!), but have been collecting for a decade and am dead set on getting through the toughest units on my first attempt. I taste monthly at a Deductive tasting group but need a more regular meet up.

Happy to create a new tasting group or join an existing one. I live in the Heights area and so happy to host inside the loop but not adverse to an hours travel either. Evenings (weekdays/weekends) ideal.

Anyone preparing for CMS Advanced or WSET Diploma online, don't be backwards in coming forward ;0) Lets get this 2018 Wine Dojo started.