New WSET 2 format

I just recently saw there there will be WSET 2 award course in my area.  While I was on the WSET website I noticed that they have come up with a new format for WSET 2, basically excluding spirits.  My focus is on wine so I feel that the new format would be best.  Does anyone have any insight on the comparison between the old and new courses?  I would really like to take the course this fall, but if the new format covers a substantial amount more material I could hold off. 

  • Hey Zac,

    I just took my WSET 3 exam a few weeks ago (I believe they’re reformatting the textbook for that level as well).  I see that you’ve completed your CMS intro course, which is where I was when I started my WSET 3 course (and I’m pretty sure I barely passed my CMS intro exam).  

    I know this wasn’t your question, but my suggestion would be to explore skipping Level 2 if you can afford Level 3 (take a look at some of the practice questions online if you can find them, I think you’ll find you’re at a more advanced level).  Some APPs require you take an entrance exam to skip level 2 but mine didn’t, told me I could do level 3 as long as I put the work in.

    From what I understand Level 2 is pretty basic, not to mention pretty expensive if you’re willing to put the work in for Level 3.

    Hope this was helpful! Feel free to text me if you want to talk more 9739036979

  • I have to second Kevin, if you passed CMS intro then level 2 won’t have that much more new information. It is my understanding the the largest changes to the format, at this point, has been at the diploma level. I did my level 3 earlier this year it’s definitely not a cake walk, and not cheap! (The school I went with charged $1400). I plan on starting the diploma level in January. 

    Happy to answer any questions about my level 3 experience. 

  • Hi,

    I am a WSET instuctor. In my opinion the new format makes it easier for students to be successful.  Not only are spirits moved to a seperate course, which is optional, but importantly the wine information taught will be spread out over more sessions so it is not such a rush job for the secondary grapes and their wines.  Kevin's comments below are correct the Level 3 and Diploma have all been revamped with the express desire to make it easier for students to have the correct study materials and to have a bit more time to absorb the information.  If you are mainly interested in wine, these changes are all positve for you.