New WSET 2 format

I just recently saw there there will be WSET 2 award course in my area.  While I was on the WSET website I noticed that they have come up with a new format for WSET 2, basically excluding spirits.  My focus is on wine so I feel that the new format would be best.  Does anyone have any insight on the comparison between the old and new courses?  I would really like to take the course this fall, but if the new format covers a substantial amount more material I could hold off. 

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  • Hi,

    I am a WSET instuctor. In my opinion the new format makes it easier for students to be successful.  Not only are spirits moved to a seperate course, which is optional, but importantly the wine information taught will be spread out over more sessions so it is not such a rush job for the secondary grapes and their wines.  Kevin's comments below are correct the Level 3 and Diploma have all been revamped with the express desire to make it easier for students to have the correct study materials and to have a bit more time to absorb the information.  If you are mainly interested in wine, these changes are all positve for you.


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