MW Topic of the week - growing Cabernet Sauvignon & Riesling!


This week we are going to directly address an old exam question from 2016 that popped up again this past June as part of the stage 1 assessment.

"Can Cabernet Sauvignon and Riesling be successful in the same location?"

Remember - with MW essays, the two most important things are to DEFINE YOUR TERMS and PROVIDE EXAMPLES.

So, with that in mind.... take your shot! Or at least post some ideas.

Are there places where these two varieties perform well in the same location? What does "location" mean, anyway? 

Compare and contrast the preferred habitats of these two varieties. A well-rounded answer will consider a number of angles -- climate, soil, perhaps even the cultural traditions of various regions (though this is a Paper 1 question, i.e. viticulture, so probably best to keep your answers grounded). 

But before I leave you to your thoughts, I wanted to make an important statement: I am an MW student, not an MW, and certainly not an adjudicator. The same applies to  and . So while we are guiding this conversation, please know that we don't have all the answers. We are, effectively, studying along with you. So we are all vulnerable here! Good luck!

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