WSET Diploma without L3

Hello, just a quick question to the people that are on the WSET branch of education. Is it possible to apply for the diploma without passing L3? Is the certified or advanced recognized at all by the WSET?

I wanted to follow studies in the WSET side before I get to the Advanced but from what I read here in the forums the L3 is kind of a downgrade from certified, and I also prefer the Diploma format as it lets me study from abroad not needing such a standing presence. 

How is your experience on changing lanes, and which do you think is the best track to follow both sides examinations?

  • You cannot begin the diploma level without level 3. WSET involves a lot of writing. Level 3 is where you learn the type and style of questions asked, you would be at a disadvantage starting the diploma without this practice. 

  • WSET 3 is a prerequisite for Diploma. WSET 3 shouldn't be too difficult to tackle if you know wine. 

  • I am currently Certified through the CMS and I highly encourage you to take WSET3 and then diploma.  That is currently the path I am on now and it is beneficial to experience both.  More focused on the viticulture/viniculture affects on the wine and determining the quality in the glass, the tasting is a more analytical -  less room for poetry.  

  • Thank for sharing your experience, it seems that the best path is the one they recommend.

    I didn't know if it was possible but now I understand that understanding the format is a good advantage to have either way.

    Thank you again!