MW Topic of the Week -- Climate Change!

So this week we are going to focus on climate change, which heavily effects Paper 1 (viticulture), sort of effects Paper 2 (winemaking), tangentially effects Paper 4 (business) and DEFINITELY effects Paper 5 (contemporary issues, for Stage 2 students only).

In recent years, this topic showed up in 2019, 2018, 2016, and in 2013.

2019: Does a changing climate place greater emphasis on terroir or on choice of grape variety?

2018: Referencing at least three wine regions, discuss how climate change is influencing grape growers’ viticultural practices.

2016: What practical options does a viticulturist have at his or her disposal to address long term changes in climate in an established vineyard?

2013: How important is climate change to the global wine market?

I would take extra care to make sure you know the financial impacts of corrective climate measures.

Looking forward to everyone's thoughts!


Sarah Bray