MW Topic of the Week: Social Media & Brand Loyalty

Love it or hate it, social media is an important factor in how people and brands connect with the world.

So for this week's Paper 4 topic discussion, let's dive into this 2019 question: Can social media drive brand loyalty in the wine category?

Important here is defining the terms, and note that the questions points to loyalty, not to immediate ROI via sales (e.g. click to buy campaigns), so the scope is a bit more on the marketing side.

Brand loyalty is defined as the positive association a consumer has with a brand, which will drive repeat purchase of a product or service. And brand loyalty is ultimately about building an image and/or community around a brand, so examples may also include real life vents that reverberated in the social media sphere.

We need to consider as well how this might be assessed, so it can't be just a list of social media campaigns. Examiners noted that analysis here was key. A few international examples are important, so this might be a topic where analysis of a few strong case studies could make the argument that social media either can or cannot drive brand loyalty specifically within the wine category. 

Looking forward to seeing thoughts and examples!



  • I've always wondered with questions like this, does "brand" have to exclusively refer to a producer? Or can brand be taken more broadly to mean a wine personality, retail outlet, or other entity in the industry? With things like social media, the biggest impacts I've observed are from non-winery accounts.

  • This is a good point. It would be good to establish the definition of "brand" in the introductory paragraph - hard brand of producer instead of soft brand of region or variety. 

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