MW Topic of the Week: Bulk Wine (Again)

Hi all

15 weeks until the MW exam! Or 14 weeks if you are sitting the stage 1 assessment... I think the seriousness has finally hit me and now I'm on a study tear.

Bulk wine pops up quite a bit on P3, so I would like to look at it again. Here is a question from 2017

Assess the various methods of transporting wine in bulk; what precautions should be taken from a QA perspective?

If you submitted for the recent Lallemand scholarship, you may already have a leg up here!

I have attached two fantastic seminar presentations on bulk wine shipment. One shows the three main vessels for shipping - flextank, ISO, and refer. One is a deep dive into flextanks. 



  • Thanks for the resources, Sabrina. Nova Cadamatre MW gave an excellent presentation on bulk wine transportation during the S2 seminar in Napa last week. The PowerPoints are not yet posted on the Online Resource Library but, I believe, they will be accessible soon. 

  • Thank you. I was just told that those individual websites that they make for the seminars also have the uploaded presentations! Check and see if they're up there.

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