phylloxera in the new world

Hi. Looking for more information on phylloxera's effects on the new world  when and where . Any help with websites  on this topic would be great . I am having difficulty pinpointing on this topic . Thanks 

  • I don't know about websites, but there is a really great book: "General Viticulture" by A.J. Winkler, James A. Cook, W.M. Kliewer, and Lloyd A Lider. It talks about phylloxera generally, then goes into details about spread, control, breeding vines for resistance, distribution, life cycle, damage, and cover several resistant rootstocks. It's a high level read, but just seeing a picture of the Carpinteria vine (single vine produced 8 tons of fruit in 1893 when it was 51 years old) is worth the price of the book.