Napa Valley Wine Academy WSET

Hi, I am curious if anyone on here as done any of the WSET courses through the Napa Valley Wine Academy?  Thinking of pursuing level 3, and they offer some interesting options.  Specifically, I would love to know if anyone has done their boot camp for level 3?  It is a one week immersion that includes lots of "field trips" in Napa, but it costs significantly more.  So, if you have been able to visit wineries and see harvest maybe it's not worth the extra money?  Thoughts on any of this would be appreciated!

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  • Hello! I did the intensive Level 3 with NVWA in December and it was worth every penny. I registered about 10 weeks out and got in around 60 hours of study before taking the 5 day course. The course cemented everything and explained things that hadn't quite sunk in. The instructors were very informative and helpful on "how to pass the exam". The most important part for me was the tasting experience with the instructors to calibrate our palates and understand how to taste better. Also, I am the buyer and sommelier for a large golf resort and having the tools to evaluate wines quality, style and price is invaluable to my position. This gave me the confidence and methods to do just that. I live in a very small town and getting a tasting group together was absolutely impossible. I would highly recommend the NVWA for your WSET3. ....BTW, I passed "with merit":)
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