Los Angeles Area WSET Level 3 Group

I just signed up for a WSET Level 3 Online  9-week course starting Feb 25th and was thinking of rallying a group of those interest in taking it (or who already have) to organize some weekly tastings around the assignments. Similarly to the CMS route I know this will require a lot of solo study, prep and research however this particular one is structured with group assignments, and a number of tasting homework things. I figure it will be much better to do it with a group than by myself (if no one else does all good! I'll rock it solo). 


Anyway if you're interested in live in the Los Angeles area let me know,

I've got plenty of space at my house in Studio City for tastings and would be more than happy to host.



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  • Awesome Tim,
    I'm sure you passed with flying colors! I'm @ ezzafash@gmail.com so shoot me a note and I'll drop you any info. I'm taking the 9 week online and know there will be lots of tasting assignments and no use wasting them on only myself right?
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