Tasting/Study Group in Orlando

...looking to join a tasting/study group in Orlando in preparation for the Certified Exam.  Focused on taking the test in late August.  Please let me know if one exists or if a few people want to drill down together.

  • Hey Clarence before I moved to Las Vegas, there is a bar named Swirlery Wine Bar that holds tastings on Tuesdays I believe. The owner actually just went to Portland not to long ago to take the advance test. I know when they do the tastings it's done verbally which isn't how you'll do it on your test but it's a great way to taste and network with people in the Orlando wine community. If you need her email just let me know and I'll see if I still have it so you can get in contact with her. If not just stop by the wine bar and they will tell you about the tastings.