We produce three tiers of educational resources for the trade: Staff Training Manuals, Study Guides, and Expanded Guides.

  Staff Training Manuals

Our staff training manuals are great tools for beginners. These short, colorful documents are designed to be printed by the sommelier and presented to the waitstaff in a pre-shift meeting. Rev up staff enthusiasm and sales with these quick primers on classic winegrowing regions and countries!  You can download and example Staff Training Guide here: Burgundy

  Study Guides

Study guides give the working sommelier a broad, up-to-date overview of the beverage world and provide a useful resource for sommeliers studying for advanced certification exams. The guides cover the world's essential wine and beverage styles, without necessarily aligning with any particular level of testing. A set of review questions is included below each guide.  You can read a short excerpt of our Study Guide to Burgundy

  Expanded Guides

Our growing selection of expanded guides is designed to arm the veteran sommelier with extremely detailed analyses of regions, styles, and tasting. Mastery of the material in these guides will yield a thorough understanding of the topic at hand. While some of the base content may be similar, our expanded guides are much more involved and explore subjects in much greater depth. Click to read a short excerpt from our Expanded Guide to Burgundy.