Blind Tasting Questions

Master Sommeliers Geoff Kruth, Emily Wines and Yoon Ha take questions on blind tasting.

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  • Geoff, in this podcast you refer to batonnage as an oxidative process. However, I've heard some arguments that while batonnage is superficially oxidative, it imparts the sulferous compounds of the lees into the wine, which leads to aromas we associate with reduction. From my personal experience, I find that comparing barrel samples and finished wines with varying rates of batonnage supports the batonnage = reduction theory. Can you or anyone else comment?

  • I loved Geoff's comment about Gewurztraminer and Pinot Grigio in Alto Adige, I had an Alto Adige Pinot Grigio in a blind flight last year that had a lot of terpene aromatics, specifically rose/spice (cis rose oxide), which I really associate with Gewurztraminer. I purchased two other bottles of the same vintage, and only one had that character, which just goes to show there can be differences between bottling/blending tanks!  Good stuff!

  • The best podcast of the tasting series

  • Listening to Yoon talk about Tannins an MW told me the same thing. He said that Neb and CS tannis and front palate, but Syrah tannins grip the who mouth and far back into the gums

  • Geoff, you should continue to repeat that in every podcast - to associate giveaways with a cause rather than a particular wine/region/varietal.  Probably the single most useful piece of advice I've heard about blind tasting.  I really enjoyed this podcast, and would love to see more in this format in the future.