Interview with Paul Grieco of New York's Hearth Restaurant and Terroir Wine Bars

In this month's podcast we interview Paul Grieco of New York's Hearth Restaurant and Terroir Wine Bars on his professional development, passions, and personal philosophies of running some of America's most unique beverage programs.

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  • Hands down one of my favorite wine list authors. In my opinion, treating wines like stories and not just labels is something that anyone with a passion for wine can support. He may come across as polarizing to some, but there is no doubt that he has a great passion for wines and taking care of his staff - another quality I find admirable. His quote at TexSomm's How to Run a Beverage Program is something that I will always take with me (paraphrasing): "Take care of your staff, take care of the guests, take care of your suppliers, take care of your community and take care of the bottom line."

    Regarding the interview, I thought it was thoughtful and honest. One of the best interviews that I have heard on GuildSomm. Thank you for taking the time to interview great guests with a wealth of knowledge to share.

  • I feel that this is one of the most polarizing interviews to have made it on the site. And for that I loved it. Regardless of what side one is to take, Paul's passion is absolutely contagious. He is a man of conviction and has very strong opinions which will always turn some people off. Having met him at TEXSOM earlier this year, I have a new found respect for him and his programs. Listening to his thoughts on how to run a beverage program, specifically the differing views discussed between Paul and Raj Parr, were eye opening to me.

    Overall, I took away that, just as in prepping for MS certification, there is not just one correct answer when it comes to wine.

    The interview is absolutely worth listening to.

  • I feel that we got a good look at who this man really is.  Thank you for that.  Sometimes I felt that he was trying to be an agent provocateur by making some bold statements and then backtrack, lest you think less of him for having said it.  Almost as if he was doing a parody of himself...Sounds like he is not "fully resolved" yet.  Still, it was a great interview and I will be sure to patronize his place next time I'm in town.  If for no other reason than to give him a style and a price and see what he comes up with.

  • We received some mixed feedback on this podcast. Many of the comments I have heard have been very positive but obviously from the lower star rating some people were less enthused. My question is; did you not care for it as an interview worth listening to, or did you find it interesting to listen to but just not agree with the perspective of the interviewee?

  • Wow! Pulled in all directions. Sometimes I wanted to strangle the guy and sometimes I was totally shaking my head in agreement. I was thinking "true" so true. Great interview. Paul believes what he believes.  I suppose this is what separates the innovator and the copycats. Is it ego or just strong conviction?

    Geoff, you did an incredible job of not reacting or slanting this interview. You just asked the questions and let us hear the answers!