2015 Year in Review

We review the top stories of 2015 for sommeliers with guests Dan Petroski of Massican, Stevie Stacionis of Bay Grape, and Julia Weinberg from Delectable.

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  • Stevie - I really appreciate and enjoy your commentary and perspective whenever you are a part of these podcasts.

  • Tons of fun sitting in on this! Sorry we chatted for so long that we had to cut our favorite wines of the year. Maybe a discussion going here on that would be appropriate?! I'll go ahead and keep singing the praises of the Graillot Crozes-Hermitage Blanc 2014... silken splendor and a total revelation for me on white Rhône. Who else has a "Wine of the Year" from 2015? Not necessarily the most impressive but the one that stuck out most to you for one reason or another... also would love to hear people's favorite pairings and favorite new regions or discoveries!