Year in Review

 and  review key stories from 2018.

  • I was a bit disappointed that there wasn't more discussion about the CMS scandal: you had a variety of interesting view points on hand, but Geoff just recapped what the entire audience already knows. I get that it's a controversial topic, and that maybe no one wanted to create any more angst or hard feelings, but given what Geoff mentioned about how this story got traction beyond our little world, I do feel like it might have been good to talk through some of the issues raised by the scandal and the Court's response to it.

    Similarly, I'd have loved a bit more conversation about the labeling debate: while most of us may not deal with Joe Wagner's wines all that much, they're obviously massively impactful wines in the broader market, and beyond that, the moves in Oregon to potentially restrict the Willamette Valley appellation to Pinot Noir only would be a fascinating evolution in American wine law.

    That said, I always enjoy this podcast every year, and appreciated the cameo from the siren midway through, which is a staple of the Bay Grape experience!

  • I thought there would be more back-and-forth on the topic but after I covered the basics it got quiet. Keep an eye out for a possible feature article on the topic soon. 

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