The Old School Somms

Fred Dame interviews fellow Master Sommeliers Nunzio Alioto, Steve Morey and Larry Stone about their experiences during the early years of the American Court of Master Sommeliers.

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  • One of the most interesting points on this podcast was how dramatically different the economies of scale are in restaurant wine programs.  I'm also curious to know exactly what qualities a person possesses to make the Court want them to be in the Master program, but not quite make the cut?  Is it because the possess a refined palate, bust ass on the floor selling wine, have a particularly inventive wine program?  They seemed to hit upon this point with each interviewee, but didn't quite elaborate as much as they could have.

  • I really enjoyed that. It's such a treat to get to hear the stories and fables from the "early days"'. Sounds like it was quite a challenge, pirates on the high seas with better table manners. Awesome podcast!

  • I'd be willing to bet money that a movie based on the early days of the American chapter of the Court would be amazing and well-received. Just have Fred play himself and watch the money roll in.