State of the Sommelier

Master Sommeliers Sabato Sagaria, John Ragan, Melissa Monosoff, and Geoff Kruth engage in a conversation about the state of the sommelier industry and offer insight on how beverage professionals may adapt to a changing hospitality landscape. 

Note: The video can be made full screen by clicking the button to the left of the Vimeo logo.

  • Thank you, I found this particular webinar incredibly informative in May and would find great value from some sort of update.  Even if the update is not in webinar form.

  • As a late-to-the-game newbie, this webinar was a great conversation to get the creative juices flowing - thank you all!  I so appreciate that it was available to watch after the live recording.  This site is so wonderful for anyone thinking of making this industry one’s profession.  I look forward to other webinars in this series, as well as the rest of the online content.  I truly love the fact that both CMS and MW perspectives are being included in the content.  I am considering taking on both directions, to create my own path in wine.  Again, thank you for the continuing content that will serve so valuable in our changing world.  GuildSomm rocks!

  • Glad you enjoyed it. Let's keep the glass 1/2 full. Thats what we do.

  • Hi Edward, we're so glad you enjoyed the webinar! We plan to keep the recorded webinars on our Vimeo page for the foreseeable future. 

  • A lot of stuff to think about after watching this webinar. Here in NJ there's a type of license called a Broad C that enables you to both serve alcohol and sell retail. They aren't issued anymore but there are many that are grandfathered in. A friend and I once talked about using one of those licenses to open a bistro/wine shop where guests could browse the store and buy their bottles at retail to have with their meal. They could then take a case home if they were so inclined. As was mentioned in this webinar, If states let restaurants sell retail, that model may be very viable going forward.