State of the Sommelier

Master Sommeliers Sabato Sagaria, John Ragan, Melissa Monosoff, and Geoff Kruth engage in a conversation about the state of the sommelier industry and offer insight on how beverage professionals may adapt to a changing hospitality landscape. 

Note: The video can be made full screen by clicking the button to the left of the Vimeo logo.

  • Glad you enjoyed it. Let's keep the glass 1/2 full. Thats what we do.

  • Hi Edward, we're so glad you enjoyed the webinar! We plan to keep the recorded webinars on our Vimeo page for the foreseeable future. 

  • A lot of stuff to think about after watching this webinar. Here in NJ there's a type of license called a Broad C that enables you to both serve alcohol and sell retail. They aren't issued anymore but there are many that are grandfathered in. A friend and I once talked about using one of those licenses to open a bistro/wine shop where guests could browse the store and buy their bottles at retail to have with their meal. They could then take a case home if they were so inclined. As was mentioned in this webinar, If states let restaurants sell retail, that model may be very viable going forward.

  • It was great! Thanks for doing that. It was inspiring and comforting. It will be difficult but we will adjust and succeed!

  • This was absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and encouraging innovation! So good to see you guys at the top of the trade sharing and supporting for the good of all :) 

    Quick admin question: Are these webinars going to stay on the webinar page forever? Or do they get deleted after a certain time?