The Wines of Spain: Part 2

This webinar with MS Chris Tanghe is the second in a three-part series. Here, Chris covers Galicia, Basque County, Madrid, and Sherry, with additional input from GuildSomm Staff Writer Bryce Wiatrak. See timestamps below for easier navigation.

00:03:57 - Rías Baixas
00:23:08 - Ribeiro
00:30:28 - Ribeira Sacra
00:42:06 - Valdeorras
00:44:56 - Monterrei
00:56:40 - Basque Country
01:15:27 - Madrid
01:24:44 - Sherry

Note: The video can be made full screen by clicking the button to the left of the Vimeo logo.

  • From the GuildSomm Advanced Guide to Spain: “Vineyards along the Sil and near its lower sections tend to be grounded in granitic soils, while the Upper Sil has more slate.” The slide at around minute 33 of the The Wines of Spain: Part 2 webinar, however, states that granite is found in the Upper Sil, whereas slate is found in the lower Sil. Could you provide guidance on which claim is correct? Logic would suggest that the lower Sil’s soil type would be consistent with the soil type of the Minho into which the lower Sil empties, but it’d be good to know for sure.