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Food Pairings -- Barolo

My tasting group met last night and the theme was Barolo. It was a non-blind session in which everyone brought a different wine.

We tasted each bottle, spoke about the producer, the cru in which the grapes were harvested, the winemaking practices, the vintage, and possible food pairings.

The food pairings part, to my surprise, was probably the most difficult for me. I was blown away by some of the dishes people were throwing out there. My first and only instinct for the nebbiolo grape is a big fat Tomahawk. And even though I don't think that is a bad pairing (maybe not the best choice for some of the more delicate styles), I just felt unprepared in that category. 

So what I hope to happen here is for people to chime in and give me their favorite food pairings for Barolo.

If you could name a specific wine (producer, vintage, denomination, etc..), the dish you'd pair it with and why, it would be greatly appreciated.