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I work at a restaurant that seats around 100 guests and I do wine pairings with our tasting menu that changes every two weeks. However, we don't sell enough wine pairings in those two weeks to guarantee that the guest is getting a fresh wine every time. To prevent the wine from spoiling I use a Coravin that fills the void in the bottle with an inert argon gas. In your opinion, do you feel this alters the integrity of the wine in any way?

  • I use a coravin for BTG, and the biggest potential problems for wine integrity I have encountered are
    1) failure to clear air and liquid from system prior to using and
    2) a needle and/or pour spout that have residue of previous pours in it. I unscrew and run warm water through the needle and then through the pour spout at least daily if not more frequently, and immediately before and after using coravin to pull a glass, press the trigger a few times to blow wine residue out.

    A couple of other coravin tidbits i've picked up over time -
    *realize that any argon in excess of what was necessary to pull the glass exits the pour spout (the hissing noise at the end) creating a layer over your glass of wine which traps its aromatics. Swirl the glass a few times before serving to your guest to blow off the argon.
    * natural cork does not immediately expand to seal the hole made by a coravin needle. Store the bottle upright till the hole has sealed...I give mine at least 1/2 hour. Making repeated (6+) punctures (especially in the same area of a cork) probably compromises its integrity at some point, so I limit pokes to 4. Plenty of leeway to glass out a bottle of wine.

    Hope this helps!
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