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This month's issue of Decanter (May) has a panel tasting of English Sparkling Wines. Now, while none were voted by the panel of MW's, 12 of 55 wines tasted scored "highly recommended." I have not had the chance to try any English fizz, much less GOOD English fizz.

Have any of you had the chance to try some? What did you think? Where did you get it?  For the life of me, I can not find it in Minnesota!

  • I have the Ridgeview Fitzrovia rose 2009 on the list , West Sussex makes pretty good sparkling and not expensive as champagne or franciacorta.

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    Did you get it here in the US?  Who is the importer?  Would love to get my hands on some.  Thanks for the reply!

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    Vine Street Imports is bringing in a number of different sparkling wines for England. Pretty good stuff too being it is my only experience with sparkling wines from England.
    Camel Valley and Hush Heath.
  • We've (Broadbent) just brought in the amazing wines from Gusbourne into the US market ~ Brut Reserve and Blanc de Blancs (both from the 2011 vintage) ~ and hopefully the Rose later this year. Laura Rhys, MS - is the brand ambassador and will be flying here to support the market in the first or second quarter. I visited them last summer and Charlie Holland (winemaker) is awesome. If you have any specific questions regarding your market - please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email: clavin@broadbent.com
  • I've really enjoyed Wiston's Brut Cuvee and Rose. K&L had a special offering but I haven't been able to get them in the States since then.
  • Being an English Sommelier who's family lives in the heart of Dorset (where plenty of English wine is being made) its awesome to be selling it and serving it....
  • I know Libation project carries a few English sparkling wines. Check out Zipps, Henry & Son or France 44, I'm sure one of them has at least one
  • I would love to try Nyetimber... Winemaker has a similar story to Patrick Piuze, but I can't get a hold of any...
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    Lovely wine. Just had their Cuvée Classic 2010 over the holidays. Very expressive with these unique, blue fruit notes, singing acidity, and mineral chalkiness to it. But, if anyone in the US can find it, the Sugrue Pierre, 'The Trouble with Dreams' is really the flag bearer of English Sparkling Wine (can we just call it, 'Engling'?) at the moment. Flat-out brilliant wine.

    For anyone interested, I had a great time tasting a selection at the Cool Climate Wine Symposium last May. You can read up on some of my thoughts.

    Amusing how this thread got resurrected from three and a half years ago and the English Sparkling segment has made huge waves since then.

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    I'd second on trying Gusbourne. Hambledon is another.
  • I'll be in Dover in May. Any recommendations for wineries to visit in SE England?
  • Libation Project has a few, plus there are some more coming to the market soon...
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    I'll be pestering Max Kast next time we chat.....
  • Nyetimber, Gusbourne and Chapel Down seem to be the most sought after here in London, I would recommend all 3!
  • Im so excited about English wine in general! Sparkling, white, red, sweet.. My favourite sparkling producer is Hattingley Valley. So lean, fresh and delicate. Low dosage and the blanc de blanc (100% Chardonnay) has a lovely floral nose with ripe citrus fruits and green apples.

    Another great producer is Court Garden and Breaky Bottom. Peter at Breaky Bottom has to be one of the coolest producers in the world of wines! Doing everything himself, working in the vineyards every day no matter what. He makes sparkling wines with "non classic" grape varieties, such as Seyval blanc. What a fabtastic guy!

    God save the Queen!