California Trip

Hi, my dear fellows!

First of all: I wish you all a very happy New Year! Health, success and happiness!

My question: I`m flying to California for the first time of my life ( Feb. 19th -March 5th) and I´m so excited to experience this beautiful wine country.

Does anybody of you have a closer connection to Eisele Vineyard Estate, Colgin and Dunn? Could you support me to make an appointment with them?

Further, I´m looking for a affordable accomodation in Napa (27th. Feb. - 2nd March); does anyone has a nice recommendation? For the moment I´m checking Air B&B, but maybe you know something better?

Past October I passed Theorie and Practical of the MS, so only tasting is missing - fingers crossed to change that in August!

I´ll be grateful for any advice you have and want to thank you already now for your efforts and your response!


Alll the best,





  • I don't have any advice for you in Napa, but AUG.... DAMN...the best of luck on your MS and all your travels thru California!!! CHEERS!!!
  • Congrats on taking those two parts of MS! That's awesome! I would rent an RV if I were you so you could maintain independence and mobility. I lived in that part of CA for a couple of months and it is quite accommodating to that lifestyle. I wish I had more useful information for you. Congrats again! Super rad!

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    Thank you, I really will enjoy it, I'm sure! The trip and the exam, harhar
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    Dear Katie, that really helps already, thank you!
  • Hey Helga! I hope you enjoy Napa, I think the most affordable places might be in Napa or Calistoga, I know that the Sunburst hotel might not be too expensive (considering sorrounding properties) as well you might consider accomodation in Santa Rosa which is not as expensive as Napa and its only about 30 mins away... Good luck and enjoy!
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    do you currently sell Napa wines? If so some of the properties you do business with may be able to offer you guest lodging for free. Otherwise, I recommend staying in Napa rather than St. Helena, Yountville or Calistoga. You can find affordable hotels and plenty of airbnb or classic bed and breakfast spots. I don't advise anyone to stay in Santa Rosa—it's an hour away from much of Napa and really just a land of big box stores. You are coming into town during the off-season so hotel prices won't be insane. Unfortunately, you are arriving a day after Premiere weekend ends though—some people may be harder to see after a weekend full of vintner events. If you are in the trade, consider coming three days earlier and getting a ticket to that.

    Try reaching out to Paul Roberts MS at Colgin.
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    Thank you Matt for this good advice! I know, I' ll be there some days to late, which is sad, but work is calling.... thanks also for the Pauls contact at Colgin; it' s going to be a great trip!