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If You Read Anything This Week: Wine News 2.24.2017

UC Davis to sell student wine: Previously, UC Davis had to dispose of wine made by its students, but a new law will allow the wines to be sold to local producers and served at special occasions on the university’s campus. Proceeds will benefit the UC Davis wine program. [Decanter]

Buyer accused of theft: Lak Quach has been accused of stealing over $200,000 USD worth of wine while working as a buyer at Australia’s Cellarhand, an import and wholesale company. Allegedly, he sold them online and to Melbourne restaurants and retailers. [The Drinks Business]

Southern Chile’s exciting wines: Jancis Robinson suggests that many of the most exciting Chilean wines today are being grown in the south, specifically in Maule and the Itata Valley. These areas, unfortunately, were among those affected by the recent fires. Here, dry-farmed mixed plantings of bushvines are common and vineyard holdings often small. []

Cannabis company purchases Fetzer site: Flow Kana, a California cannabis distributor, is purchasing the former Fetzer Winery property in Mendocino, site of the production of Fetzer’s first commercial vintage in 1968. Some neighbors are concerned about the transition, but Flow Kana has tried to assuage fears. The company distributes cannabis to over 100 dispensaries in Northern California. [Wine Spectator]

“Haze craze” hits the nation: The first hazy IPA was produced by The Alchemist brewery in Vermont. Unfiltered and unpasteurized, the beer had an extended shelf life, more flavor and aroma, and notable turbidity. This was 13 years ago; in the last few months, the trend has swept across the US. No one knows quite what prompted the “haze craze.” [NPR]

EMP renovation: Eleven Madison Park will be closed from June to September, reopening with a new look and revised menu. When Danny Meyer sold the restaurant to Will Guidara and Daniel Humm in 2011, they considered a renovation but decided to make small changes over time. Now, they’re ready for an update. Meanwhile, the restaurant will be popping up in the Hamptons. [NYT]

What do you think?

What are the most exciting Chilean wines you’ve encountered?

What do you think of the purchase of the Fetzer Winery property by a cannabis company? What other intersections of the wine and cannabis industries are you observing of late?

Do you see a lot of hazy IPAs in your market? What are your thoughts on the style? Do you have any suspicions of what prompted its sudden popularity?

What else have you been reading this week?

  • The "Haze" craze has been around for quite a bit longer than a few months. Several east coast breweries have created a large niche market as a result of them. Tree House, and Trillium specifically have the largest market share along with Alchemist.

    As far as his inability to find brewers adding flour to increase turbidity they only had to look towards Tired Hands and their Milkshake line. It is a collaboration with Omnipollo, a brewery from Sweden, that showcases fruited Hazy IPA.
  • In regards to student vinified wines, don't forget Fresno State University has the country's oldest, bonded, student-run winery.