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If You Read Anything This Week: Wine News 3.24.2017

Gallo buys Stagecoach Vineyard: Gallo is purchasing Stagecoach Vineyard on Pritchard Hill. At 1,300 acres (600 planted), it is the largest contiguous vineyard in Napa Valley. Dr. Jan Krupp bought the site in 1995 and currently sells fruit to over 90 wineries, including such familiar names as Caymus and Duckhorn. [Wine Spectator]

Vivino Market launched: Vivino has announced Vivino Market, a wine recommendation engine that makes suggestions based on a user’s purchase and rating history, as well as the data collected from Vivino’s extensive member community. Users can make purchases directly from the app. [Digital Trends]

Marijuana in wine country: Sonoma County has become a center for cannabis experimentation. The threat of federal intervention and high state and county taxes pose challenges, but growers—estimated to number 9,000 in Sonoma County—are enthusiastic and hopeful as their industry emerges from the shadows. [NYT]

UK sommelier shortage: As Brexit looms, some in the UK hospitality industry are worried about finding talented sommeliers. While Brexit might provide more opportunities for British sommeliers, it will complicate access to the EU workforce, which has historically been very important in the UK restaurant industry. [Decanter]

Whiskey & terroir: Though a debate about the actual effects of terroir on whiskey continues, it’s clear that drinking locally now matters to many consumers. Distillers are adding unique local touches to their whiskey, from growing their own corn and grain close to home to using regionally significant barrels to smoking their malt with local peat. [Imbibe]

Obsessiveness praised: In restaurants and bars, compulsive, obsessive behavior is key to survival, says bar owner Eric Alperin. “Systems and order” and “knolling” are essential, and those restaurant professionals who aren’t born with this disposition must be taught. [LA Times]

What do you think?

What are your thoughts on Vivino Market? Do you think this will be popular with consumers in your market?

What innovation do you expect to see from the cannabis industry in California and beyond?

For those of you in the UK, and throughout the EU, what do you think about the Decanter article? Are you concerned about talent in your market?

What do you think about whiskey and terroir? Which locally focused whiskeys have you most enjoyed?

Were you born obsessive, or did you learn it in restaurants? If the former, did you stumble into the usefulness of your trait with surprise?

What else have you been reading this week?