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If You Read Anything This Week: Wine News 6.16.2017

Best wine restaurants: Wine Enthusiast released its annual list of America’s 100 best wine restaurants, including many where members of the GuildSomm community work. Congratulations to all who are recognized here! [Wine Enthusiast]

Hail in Napa: Last weekend, unseasonable hail hit Napa Valley. Carole Meredith called it the most intense hailstorm she has seen in her three decades owning her Mount Veeder property, but her vines were not damaged. Other areas, including the To Kalon vineyard and Turley’s property, saw significant damage. [Decanter]

Chinese investment in Bordeaux: Chinese investors have become notable buyers in Bordeaux. Their ownership remains minimal overall at 2% and most are purchasing less expensive properties, but their new involvement in the region is significant. Most buyers’ aims are commercial, though owning a château also brings social clout in China. [Telegraph]

Wine tax across the US: Tax Foundation takes a look at the varying taxes on wine from state to state. Kentucky, Alaska, and Florida have the highest wine excise tax rates, and California, Texas, and Wisconsin have the lowest. [Tax Foundation]

Portugal’s white wines: Portugal’s everyday white wines are overlooked in the shadow of Port and the dry red table wines producers prefer to champion—to say nothing of the setbacks that have plagued the country’s wine industry throughout the years. But these wines are delicious and offer incredible value. [PUNCH]

Négociant system shifting: Large outside investment in and sales of Bordeaux’s négociant houses are on the rise, though rarely reported. This, says Jane Anson in Decanter, suggests a lot about the health of the industry and fundamental changes in the château approach that have created more risk for négociants. [Decanter]

What do you think?

Have you heard more from Napa growers about last weekend's hail?

Considering both of these stories on Bordeaux, what do you predict is ahead for the region?

Why do you think Portuguese dry wines still struggle to get attention? What are your favorite whites from Portugal?

What else have you been reading this week?