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How much sugar is in your Vermouth and Bitter?

My friend, and business partner (Consortium Cabernet) Dan Petroski makes his own vermouth through his label Massican. He decided to run some tests on a FOSS machine of the residual sugar levels of many of the popular vermouth and bitters. With his permission I am posting the results as they are quite eye opening to the amount sugar found in many a sommelier's favorite mixer.

All RS is listed in grams per liter

Noilly Prat Extra Dry - 24g/l

Martini & Rossi Extra Dry - 30 g/l

Martini & Rossi Rosso - 155 g/l

Dolin Dry - 29 g/l

Dolin Rouge - 146 g/l

Carpano Bianco - 178 g/l 

Carpano Antica - 194 g/l

Lillet - 98 g/l

Aperol - 263 g/l 

Campari - 253 g/l


The Aperol and Campari numbers are the ones that strike me as holy crap!!!  Those numbers mean every bottle is over a quarter sugar given the bottle size. I'd probably be scared to do this test with Chartreuse as my consumption habits would probably decrease if I knew the g/l sugar.