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Looking for an internship abroad

I just passed my WSET Level 2 & Introductory Court of Master Sommelier Exam and am now looking for an internship (preferably paid) abroad in Italy at a winery, vineyard, etc. Open to other options too in Spain/Portugal/France/Napa. The duration of time doesn't matter, but ideally anywhere from 3-6 months. 

Suggestions on where to look, who to contact, or how to get started would be very helpful. Thanks!



  • Annie,

    I'd recommend reaching out via email to a winery that inspires you. Pick your top 5 favorite producers and send them all a thoughtful note explaining your experience and goals. I'll bet you are pleasantly surprised by how many people write you back. Most wineries are looking for interns for harvest, especially those eager to learn.

    Best of luck!