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Le Nez du Vin for self-guided training?

Hello all,

Someone brought up Le Nez du Vin as an example of a way to improve one's smell and therefore palate (mine is embarrassingly primitive and untrained). I didn't even know what it was, but once I looked it up (it's a wine smell-kit) I thought it could possibly save me much time by reducing, albeit not dramatically, how much I need to practice.

A long-distance runner here. So I'm in no way too lazy to practice or to "work hard" for my CMS Certified, but I'm wondering if anyone here has used a smell kit in your journey? How did you use it? What is the most efficient and instructive way to integrate it into the Certified and Advanced prep? Would a smell kit would be useful at all in improving one's smell and palate.

As is obvious, I'm new to this whole smell-taste thing, so any advice in this regard (in addition to working diligently at it) would be appreciated.